Improving Patient Care,
Reducing Costs Since 2003


Since 2003, Viterion's systems have been collecting and transmitting post-acute patient vital signs and important health data to healthcare providers. Major health organizations like the Veterans Health Administration (VA) trust Viterion to gain critical insights into post-acute health, from discharge into the patient’s home.

Individualized features

  • Reminders for the patient to take physiological readings, medications and keep appointments
  • Gather qualitative information on patient health status through questions and surveys
  • Reinforce positive health behaviors, coach and send tips through advice messages

Viterion's newest systems expand this trusted technology into 'anytime, anywhere' digital health. Patients will find self-monitoring even easier to use. Providers and payers can access trend data and enhanced health analytics to improve both individual care and population health management.

With Viterion, accountable care organizations (ACOs), health systems, practices, home health providers and health plans more easily achieve results such as improved patient health—reduced hospital admissions and same-cause readmissions—while creating greater patient satisfaction (VA, 84% mean score, FY 2013*).

Learn how telehealth can fit in a Chronic Care Management plan for Medicare FFS patients with two or more chronic conditions.

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Telehealth & Population Health:

Who We Serve


Connect from home or community with clinicians and caregivers during post-acute recovery or managing chronic conditions. Vital signs readings plus customized questions and advice from their provider help patients to better understand and manage their personal health.

Health Systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)

Deliver more consistent support, create more robust discharge programs and better coordinate care among patients, providers and payers. Integrate health data into EHRs and workflows. Help achieve better results in care delivery across a greater patient census, utilizing fewer resources and reducing expenditures to achieve shared savings.

Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) and Physician Practices

Proactively influence outcomes through patient vital signs monitoring, configurable health questions, trends and alerts. Enhance patient engagement through education along with reminders on medication and appointments. Move patient care from reactive to proactive. Enable the right care at the right time to achieve shared savings.

Family Caregivers

Reassure families that health conditions are being monitored by clinicians. Improve understanding of their family member’s condition and more confidently assist them in managing their personal health.

Home Health Agencies

Support HHAs and VNAs in proactive care transition and case management. Alert for negative changes in condition and document progress. Integrate with EHRs and workflows. Help achieve a greater patient census. Improve outcomes, utilizing less resources and time.

Health Plans

Support plans in better management of individual and population health across the continuum of care. Deliver meaningful ROI. Improve population data and population health analytics. Facilitate engagement with the most distant patients.

Our Story


Viterion TeleHealthCare created as a collaboration between Bayer Pharmaceuticals and Panasonic Corporation.

Awarded our first contract with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), beginning a provider relationship that continues to the present day.

We achieved FDA 510(k) Class II clearance for the Viterion 100.


We received the CE Mark (EU) for the Viterion 100.

Included in the (UK) National Health Services’ PASA National Framework Agreement for procurement and the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) project launched in May 2008.


We were again awarded a US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) contract to provide equipment, software and support over five years for the Veterans Health Administration. This VA home telehealth program has grown to support 144,000 veterans in FY 2013*.


NSD Co., Ltd., through its US subsidiary NSD International, Inc., formed Viterion Corporation to acquire Viterion TeleHealthCare.

NSD Co., Ltd. is a leading, publicly traded international information technology services organization. NSD’s reach and capabilities will fuel Viterion Corporation’s vision of global impact on improving health outcomes, efficiency and cost.

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