August 22, 2014
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At Viterion TeleHealthcare,we recognize that the market place is filled with an ever increasing array of options when it comes to choosing telehealth products and services.  And when the multitude of products look similar and perform relatively alike, how do you decide on the telehealth solution that is right for you, your healthcare team and your patients?

A Partner with a a decade of performance in telehealth and a core competency in introducing innovative telehealth solutions.

A Partner that has proven expertise in telehealth, both in developing and delivering telehealth programs at a local, regional and / or national level– As a participant in two of the world’s largest Telehealth programs, the US Department of Veterans Affairs since 2003 and the UK Whole System Demonstrator Programme since 2007, Viterion TeleHealthcare can leverage our know-how, working with you to create and nurture a telehealth program that can scale from ten to ten thousand and beyond.

A Partner who will be “by your side” in developing and delivering a Telehealth program that is designed to best address your specific needs and the needs of your internal and external stakeholders – We believe that continuity and trust are key success factors in telehealth programs that generate sustained growth.  Our vision is that the Viterion employee who is supporting your first demo will be the same Viterion employee who comes to you to provide your team with training and support once your program is mature.  And when your Viterion Business Manager is not “at your side” you can count on a dedicated Viterion Customer Support team that will address your needs.

A Partner that understands clinical workflow and data integration - As one of the first companies to partner with the VA on integration of telehealth vital sign data and alerts into the VA VistA computerized patient record system (CPRS) in 2004, Viterion has the ability to assess and act on your electronic medical record requirements.  Viterion has successfully developed and implemented interfaces to Cerner®, Delta Health Technologies® Rhapsody Care™, HealthWyse® and Thornberry NDoc®.

Our telehealth programs have been used as part of clinical studies that have shown to reduce ER visits, hospital readmissions, and bed days of care, as well as help to improve clinical outcomes such as A1c, and all with a high degree of patient satisfaction1 – We work collaboratively with our customers to take advantage of the full suite of disease management pathways already developed to manage a broad range of disorders and health promotion / disease prevention tools, as well as leveraging our flexible technology to help you to optimize patient adherence and outcomes.

1. Giordano R, Clark M, Goodwin N, WSDAN Briefing Paper, Perspectives on Telehealth and Telecare,Learning from the 12 Whole System Demonstrator Action Network
(WSDAN) sites, 2011:3 -4


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