August 22, 2014
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Viterion 100

With features that include state-of-the-art store-and-forward technology for vital sign measurements and personalized questions or advice, digital video technology, and web access, the Viterion 500 TeleHealth Monitor sets the industry standard.

With Viterion, the healthcare provider gets connected to an advanced turnkey ViterionNET TeleHealthCare Network that allows them to more effectively:

  • Monitor patients
  • Check compliance
  • Communicate
  • Educate
  • Customize patient programs
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance cost prevention
  • Improve disease management

The Viterion 500 TeleHealth Monitor provides the widest selection of vital sign device options.

Viterion 500 Screen Shot

When determining how patients will best use the monitor, the healthcare provider has a comprehensive array of flexible and customizable tools to choose from. Viterion 500 TeleHealth Monitor comes equipped with a blood pressure sensor and digital camera, and accommodates a wide range of peripherals that accurately:

  • Measure blood pressure
  • Measure blood sugar
  • Measure Blood Oxygen (SpO2)
  • Measure temperature
  • Measure weight
  • Record peak flow
  • Record stethoscope sounds, and
  • Take ECGs

Unique, innovative communications options.

With the Viterion 500 TeleHealth Monitor, both healthcare provider and patient have at their fingertips a wide range of unique, innovative, and customizable communications features which include:

  • Digital photography capabilities
  • Web access
  • Real-time video conferencing
  • Digital photography capabilities
  • Customized question/answer interaction
  • Personalizable advice messages for patients
  • Deliver schedules and reminders for measurements, questions, or medication
  • Graph display of results to identify trends, and
  • Important vital sign and schedule alerts

Compact, ergonomic and highly flexible.

Viterion 500

The Viterion 500 Telehealth Monitor's compact, ergonomic design makes it easy to set up practically anywhere. All the monitor needs is a conventional phone line (POTS).

Set up is just as easy for the healthcare provider. Built in flexibility enables the provider to implement telehealth in the manner best for the patient and the desired disease management outcomes. Questions, advice messages and scheduling between provider and patient are entirely customizable.

Hi-tech simplicity=patient compliance and peace of mind.

Incorporating the latest intuitive software (one-touch screen, large icons, voice and large text instruction), the Viterion 500 TeleHealth Monitor guides the patient through all its functions quickly, clearly and engagingly.

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